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Psalter (MS G.25). England, perhaps London, ca. 1225.
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Description of MS G.25 fol. 5v

Psalm 001 (Vulg., 001).
David: playing before Saul, David and Musicians, and David: slaying Lion -- Ten medallions in frame enclose as follows:
1) Young David seated on bench, playing harp.
2) Saul, wearing cap, right hand raised, seated in draped bed.
3-7) Five musicians, each seated on bench playing musical instrument (including psaltery, viol, double flute, rebec, and two bells struck by hammers).
8-9) Two dancers.
10) Young David astride lion rending its jaws.
Initial B with two loops joined by animal mask and decorated with interlace ornament in which are six men, some nude, some with horns, and animals including dogs, deer, and ram (hunting scene).

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