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Huntingfield psalter.  Oxford, England, between 1212 and 1220
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2. Christ: Harrowing of Hell
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Description of MS M.43 fol. 23v
1) Christ: Harrowing of Hell -- Christ, cross-nimbed, wearing mantle, showing wounds, holds bannered cross-staff in left hand and treads on prostrate horned Satan with arms bound. With right hand, He grasps left hand of Adam beside Eve, both nude, stepping from flaming Hell Mouth in which are five nude Damned, including mitered bishop and crowned king. Bestial devil behind the Hell Mouth.
2) Christ: noli me tangere -- Beside tree, Mary Magdalen, nimbed, veiled, wearing vair-lined mantle, partly kneels, holds ointment jar in draped left hand, and extends right hand toward standing cross-nimbed Christ. He inclines His head toward her, and holds scroll inscribed NOLI ME TANGERE from John 20:17, in His right hand and book in His draped left hand.
Scenes within decorated frames.

Subject headings
Christ: Harrowing of Hell
Cross-staff, bannered: held by Christ
Clergy, Bishop 2. Scene
King 2. Scene
Christ: noli me tangere